Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about your 360 tours?

Story is at the forefront of everything we do. To effectively convey that story we incorporate people, action, products, and spaces in all the ways high end advertising imagery can do, but in beautiful, immersive 360 imagery. Additionally we have custom “Luxpoints” that can feature traditional photo and video, 360 video, text and links to additional pages. This let’s you tell more of your story and utilize existing assets you may already have.

What is a 360 experience?

A 360 experience is a blend of 360 stills, narration, and a slideshow the feel as if you are being transported to the environment and taken on a journey. These are geared towards being viewed on a headset, but can also be hosted on Youtube and viewed on any computer or device. It’s an immersive video experience that we make using our images that can include graphics, narration and soundscapes. We find that the slideshow video has less of a chance of giving people motion sickness when wearing a headset though we are working to add 360 video to what we are doing and would be happy to discuss that with your project.

Are the tours viewable on a headset?

Definitely! Not every feature is available on the headset, but the vast majority is. Contact us for a full list of features available in VR.

Do you shoot with a 360 camera?

We actually shoot with a high end DSLR camera on a specialized 360 tripod head. We have found this method gives us far better image quality. We stitch together 30-48 MP RAW images to make a final image that is nearly equivalent to a 16K video or about 120 megapixel resolution. This method also gives us far greater flexibility in art directing and editing a scene to really provide a sense of the space and story being told.

Can aerial 360 images be included?

Yes we use drones to shoot aerial 360s. This can be a fantastic way to give an overview of a campus, building or facility. Aerial 360s especially viewed in a headset always get a big reaction.

Can you put building renderings in a tour?

Yes we can take any rendering you have and place it seamlessly into a tour to help you show off what future buildings will look like.

Can I add and update the tour myself?

We have created a custom backend content management system that is both simple and intuitive where you can update all the content in your tour Luxpoints. Actual 360 tour images must be updated manually by us.

How do I set this up on my website?

We have a developer team that will help you with all the steps of setting up a tour on your site. We then host the backend which pushes updates seamlessly to your server, website and tour.

Can I add new 360 images to the tour later?

Yes! The tour content can always be added to and expanded over time.

Can a tour have 360 video? 

We can embed 360 video into a tour. That video can either be video that you provide or created by us. We’ve had clients in the past who have recorded events in 360 video and used those in the tour.

Can you create traditional photo and video assets at the same time?

Yes, our team members are experienced photographers and filmmakers. We can scale up to any level of production you need for your shoot and do it in tandem with creating 360 assets. We have specialists in lifestyle, architecture, industrial, agriculture, portraiture, corporate and more. Just let us know what needs you have and we can share our portfolios in those areas.