Andrews University

Increasing Engagement and Leads

Andrews University is private university in Southwest Michigan. Like many universities getting prospective students to visit and see the campus is one of their most important needs and biggest struggle.

They had commissioned a previous virtual tour but it failed to convey the charm, beauty and community of being on campus that Andrews sees as some the strongest part of their story.

Luxplora’s premium visuals and platform appealed as a smart way to showcase what the university had to offer.

The Luxplora team worked with them to turn their marketing highlights into a visual story. We then crafted 30 lifestyle, architectural and aerial images of campus that transported people from all over the world inside the campus.

This is an incredible and evocative leap…

—Stephen Payne, Special Assistant to the President, University & Public Affairs

What We Did


Adapt a marketing narrative into a visual story.

Craft a series of narrative driven 360 images.

Design a customized tour with easy to use user interface.

Integration of client provided assets

Enhanced features like Architectural CGI renderings of future buildings

Full VR implementation

Before CGI integrations

Before CGI integrations

After CGI integrations

After CGI integrations

Context and Challenge


Andrews University wanted to create a tour that made their campus and story standout.

We were challenged to create a more compelling virtual tour experience that helped drive interest in the school and be a more powerful tool for the marketing department and recruiters.

For many clients the idea of trying to tell a story in a 360 medium is daunting. We made that easy with both our process and premium visual product.

The university desired a full featured lead engine along with integration of existing assets, all contained within a modern interface that worked well on mobile, desktop, and in VR.

The Impact


Increased traffic 2X since 2019

Time on site increased to four and a half minutes.

Gave recruiters a brand new tool for their pitch

Generated interest from competing universities in getting a similar product.

”The images are fantastic…”

It was a pleasure to work with Luxplora on the Andrews University 360 virtual tour. The images are fantastic and it's already proving to be a very popular way for our target audience to view the campus.

—  Pat Spangler, Director University Communications